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Mike and Melanie

Mike and Melanie Webster


We are Mike and Melanie Webster, serving the Lord in the Province of Québec Canada since 1986 with Independent Faith Mission.

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Brethren, pray for us.” (1Thess 5:24-25)

Ironwood Christian Camp

Mike helped with a new addition to the meeting hall

Mike helped with a new addition to the meeting hall

Ironwood Christian Camp

Ironwood Christian Camp

The road to Ironwood

The road to Ironwood

For over 25 years Melanie and I had the privilege of hosting work teams both in Sept-Îles and in Quebec City. But last week, we had the opportunity to actually work on a work team during “Nehemiah Work Week at Ironwood.” How refreshing to work alongside others from so many different walks of life and in such a concrete way for a common cause. Getting to know this wonderful ministry located in the heart of the Southern California desert was truly a blessing!  Thank you Pastor and Mrs. Craig Evins of Trinity Baptist, Bullhead City, AZ for inviting us to join your gang!


It’s Winter in Québec!

Some things didn’t get put up in time!

Sure enough, winter caught up with us!  But we are thankful to have arrived back home just in time to get up our snow garage.  And we did manage to get most of the bushes fully wrapped.  The leaves however, will have to wait until Spring.

We do not plan to change our tires since we will be headed to Southern California in just a month, and a week before Québec law requires winter tires.

You can see the bag of leaves in the front yard right where we left it the night before!

We will be renting a car for the 24th when Mike will be preaching in Sept-îles as we wouldn’t dare make that 8-hour trip in November without winter tires, and a rental will cost about the same as installing and uninstalling would.   Do pray for our ministry there!

Pray for an important meeting in Québec

Bible Institute Graduates and their Wives

Bible Institute Graduates and their Wives now ministering in Sept-Îles and Québec City

We are attempting to arrange a meeting sometime this Fall of the men who were closely associated with the former Bible Institute in Lennoxville.  Please pray that God might use this to foster greater biblical unity among us. Pray for honesty, transparency, humility, and open hearts as we share with one another concerning our past and future cooperation in the harvest field of Québec.


Deputation Projects

Working on the presentation!

Working on the presentation!

After over two weeks of 12-hour days at the computer (minus Sundays), we finally have a first edition of a new video presentation of the work! Now we are excited about using it in churches. Our next trip is a short one but will take us to NC, SC, WV, and PA.

In 2007, since we still had only a slide projector, a young missionary who was here with his family to study French put our first video together for us. We have missed you Jesse Shanks!

Please continue to pray for our travels but also for other projects related to deputation.