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Mike and Melanie

Mike and Melanie Webster


We are Mike and Melanie Webster, serving the Lord in the Province of Québec Canada since 1986 with Independent Faith Mission.

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Brethren, pray for us.” (1Thess 5:24-25)

Deputation trip in the Northwest

Swan Lake Baptist Church, Swant Lake, Montana

Swan Lake Baptist Church, Swant Lake, Montana

Thank you so much for your prayers concerning deputation.  God is blessing.  We have had wonderful meetings so far in Wyoming and Montana.  Today we head to Camp Pinewood in McCall, Idaho where we will be speaking Wednesday evening, then continuing in Idaho for several more meetings.

God Can!

Catherine's new piano

Catherine’s battle with Epilepsy over the last four years has made viable employment a difficult thing for her. One way she has sought to fill the gap was by offering beginner piano lessons to young people. When our 97-year-old upright became more and more impossible to tune, she approached me about shopping for a good used one. My prompt response was “we just can’t afford it” and I must admit that I sort of put the whole idea out of my mind. But Catherine started praying. Then, about a month later on a Saturday morning as she and Melanie were headed out the door, she said “I’ve saved a small amount and we have a couple of possibilities, pray for us as we go.” As it turned out, one of the leads was an older couple who happened to be believers, a rare thing in Québec. They had been touched by Catherine’s use of Philippians 4:13 in email correspondence. They offered the piano to her for much less than the small amount that she had saved saying “we know you will use it for the Lord”. Catherine has a new piano! God can meet our every need! Yes, He can!

Switching Gears

Certificate of CompletionYou can access our most recent prayer update here.  Do pray for us as we go through the necessary process of switching gears from 27 years of a church revitalization emphasis to an educational emphasis. In between deputation trips we are working hard to prepare ourselves. There are still many details to work through as well as logistical questions, and some loose ends. Mike is even praying about enrolling in a Master of Education program most of which is available online.